A service for tendering professionals

Searching for tenders is too long

Extrn looks all the way into the documents to choose tenders for you and sends you the ones you can win.

Why Extrn?

-Personalised for you

A search index that summarizes the type of contract you want to see that doesn’t simply rely on keywords.

-Be the best you can be

Extrn teams up with you and acts like your employee with whom you collaborate. Our frequent exchanges will allow us to find tenders for you that might otherwise have gone unnoticed with a simple keyword search.

-Easy to use with relevant information up front

Extrn puts page excerpts from the tender documents up front which show you what you need to know to determine if you want to bid or not.

A picture is worth a thousand words

To help you quickly evaluate the tenders we send you, we takes screenshots of important parts of the bid documents. The title of a tender posted online is not always very descriptive but an excerpt of the index, the bid form or the list of requirements and specifications can immediately give a good idea of what is asked for in the contract. This will give you a head start on your competition when writing your proposal.

Our method allows you to

– Find the most tenders most related to your company’s goals, geographic location and expertise
– Save time thanks to the excerpts and synopses extracted from the documents
– Devote more time writing your proposals rather than spending it searching on the internet. 

Our method:

Every day, tenders carefully selected to fit your company’s needs are sent to you by email.

You don’t have time to properly search for your tenders online and you suspect that there are more than the ones that you see.

The tenders that we select for you contain a short synopsis as well as excerpts from the documents and bid forms. You will be able to go over more information with less reading thanks to this information. What is found in the excerpts will be defined by your comapny.

With over 25 years of experience, we have developped a deep knowledge of public tender websites and how to extract information from them. By reading each new tenders published every day, we find opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed by using conventional keyword searches.

We systematically read each new tender published and assigned them according to your comapny’s needs. We match the tenders to your profile rather than the other way around as with keyword searches.

We prepare each tender with additional informaiton to help you get started on your proposal more quickly. This is a true value added service which extracts relevent information and allows you to be more efficient.

We supply you with a communication tool for you to talk directly with Extrn to help us refine our searches and find the best contract opportunities for your company.

You also have access to management tools that allow you to organise your time better and communicate with your team

Working together

Extrn reaches a high level of efficiency by learning from you. Teamwork between your company and Extrn is quickly done thanks to the star rating system that is at your disposal. Each week, we evaluate the ratings given to the tenders we sent you and adapt our searches according to your feedback. Click the star indicating your level of appreciation for each given tender. Extrn’s research team does a better job than using keyword searches since they take important nuances into consideration. With Extrn, you will always stay well informed because this communication is easy to maintain and teamwork makes up an important part of your relationship with Extrn.

Signing up with Extrn

Your relationship with Extrn starts with a conversation between your management team and us. Start by scheduling an online demonstration with us to show you the service. A subscription offer will then follow. Subscriptions are billed and renewed on a yearly basis. Exchanges with Extrn continue throughout the year just as if we were an employee working in your offices. These exchanges can be to adjust the type of service offered, the send list for the daily emails or to follow up on tenders we have been sending you.