The best tenders, every day!

Every day, thousands of tender opportunities are published online in Canada. How are you to find the ones relevent to your company amongst all of them? Our researchers scan over 300 websites from across Canada every day to find the best ones for you. Our service is focused on making the tenders accessible and unpacking the information contained in them. A personalised email is sent to you and your colleagues. It contains the tenders that were found, information to help your team make decisions about the tenders as well as online management tools. You will have access to a short synopsis of the tender opportunity as well as other important information excerpts that were extracted by Extrn (pricing schedules, etc.). Thanks to this information, you will cover more in less time and with less effort. You will be in a good position to get all you need to start writing you proposal. 

Extrn acts as your remote employee who doesn’t go on vacation or get sick. You can count on our devoted team with attention to detail, years of experience and is dedicated to helping you win government tenders 

Request your free demo

A complete online demo, just for you.

The best way to be convinced that Extrn’s tender research services can be useful to your company is by seeing it in action as though you were already a client.

10 minute presentation

A screen-share connection with a simultaneous phone conversation between you and Extrn will allow you to see everything as if you were an active member. We will present our proprietary interface with its tools and look at tenders that are interesting for your company. Extrn will go through some tender documents with you and determine what information you look for to help decide whether or not you want to write a proposal. This simulation allows you to see the service just like it will be when you are a member. You will be able to look at recent tenders and discuss what helps you choose them over others.

We are passionate about our clients and what they do. The online demo will focus on your needs and how Extrn can help you find the best contract opportunities available.

It is preferable for the demo to be done with a member of your company’s management team as well as the end-users. This allows for all the questions your company may have to be addressed right at the start of your subscription. We can then proceed with sending you a subscription proposal.