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Solutions Antenne Inc. changes its name to Extrn Inc.


Solutions Antenne Inc. changes its name to Extrn Inc.
Gatineau, May 2015
Since 1992, Solutions Antenne has been known for providing excellent government tender research services. Up until now, our activities were limited to this. We now plan to offer government market development services in addition to tender researching. In order to better represent our growing gamut of services and also our increasing number of Anglophone clients, Solutions Antenne will be changing its name to Extrn, starting in May 2015. This new name refers to the externalization of a company’s contract opportunity research and government market development. We are adding services and changing our name, but everything else will remain the same.  Thank’s to google that allowed us to use a data center’s image to illustrate that our services are above the technology.
• Research and referencing of Canadian public tender opportunities, with or without document ordering services
• Government market development
Targeting of specific government buyers and contact them with the objective of introducing your company
Adding your company to supplier lists
Getting buyers to contact your company for direct purchases and invitations to tender
• Services en bureautique
Completion of complex computer related tasks required to present adequate proposals

With such a wide range of services, we will be able to help companies expand their markets and fully take advantage of public government purchasing. Extrn Inc becomes the new name that represents externalisation of a company’s search for public government contracts.
Richard Chénier, President and Owner.

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