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EXPOZONE joins Extrn

Published 30 March 2018 by Richard Chénier

  Patrick Molla from EXPOZONE with Richard Chénier from Extrn in the company's shop. EXPOZONE, a company in the Hull [...]

Boudreault joins Extrn

Published 16 March 2018 by Richard Chénier

Boudreault is a company that specialises in food and industrial packing products as well as janitorial supplies. They regularly bid on contracts [...]

Standing offers expiring in June

Published 13 May 2015 by Richard Chénier

Here is a list of all Standing Offers expiring in June 2015. To see more details about an offer, just [...]


Ontario’s new tender website, BravoSolutions, will be monitored by Solutions Antenne

Solutions Antenne will be monitoring Ontario’s new public tender website, BravoSolutions


Starting in late March 2014, Ontario will be publishing its public contract opportunities in a new website, BravoSolutions, which will be monitored by Solutions Antenne every morning.

It’s easy and simple to sign up as a supplier by clicking on the second menu item to the left of the screen on the homepage. It is not yet known if buyers will use this website to invite companies to tender on smaller contracts. In your company profile, you can assign multiple products and services categories to describe your business (use keywords).

Solutions Antenne’s market development service will include your subscription to this website as well as many others to help maximise your chances of being invited to bid on small non-public contract opportunities.

This new Ontario tender website hosted by BravoSolutions is completely free and Solutions Antenne will be going back to it every day to manually find any contract opportunities that may interest its clients.