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EXPOZONE joins Extrn

Published 30 March 2018 by Richard Chénier

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Boudreault joins Extrn

Published 16 March 2018 by Richard Chénier

Boudreault is a company that specialises in food and industrial packing products as well as janitorial supplies. They regularly bid on contracts [...]

Standing offers expiring in June

Published 13 May 2015 by Richard Chénier

Here is a list of all Standing Offers expiring in June 2015. To see more details about an offer, just [...]


How to choose your RSS browser ?

RSS-IconAs we said previously, will keep you up-to-date about any change in RFP using RSS feeds. But you still have to subscribe to those RSS… And to do it, you need a RSS browser. There are many types and their functionality varies alot. In addition, some are online and some are software you need to download and install on your desktop. The key to select your browser, is to know what are your need.

If your always on the road, as well as if you’re team-working on every project, you might need an online browser. This type of browser doesn’t need any download or installation. You simply need to register (which mean creating an account with a login and password). Whoever has your login information can access to your account to see if there are some updates in the RFP you subscribed to. Online browser are then really easy to access; you simply need to put the link into your favourite.

However, if you need a good browser with many customizing options, flexibility and organizing capacity, you might prefer a whole software. You’ll have to install it on your desktop, but they offer much more possibility. Some of them even have an integrated internet browser who makes the addendas and updates consultation much more easier. Nevertheless, they are less “share friendly” than online browser, but you may install them on your server so anyone in your office can access it.

BEWARE ! Some RSS browser are not free. Prices varies alot from few dollars to buy a software to a complete monthly subscription.

In short, there are no miracle browser. Each of them have pros and cons. To select yours, you have to take a look at your needs. Only then could you select the one that best suits you and your business.

Meanwhile, Solutions Antenne offers to subscribe to RSS feeds for you. We’ll do just as MERX use to do and send you an e-mail whenever an update is release.

In our next article, we’ll go on with our recommendations on RSS browsers.