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EXPOZONE joins Extrn

Published 30 March 2018 by Richard Chénier

  Patrick Molla from EXPOZONE with Richard Chénier from Extrn in the company's shop. EXPOZONE, a company in the Hull [...]

Boudreault joins Extrn

Published 16 March 2018 by Richard Chénier

Boudreault is a company that specialises in food and industrial packing products as well as janitorial supplies. They regularly bid on contracts [...]

Standing offers expiring in June

Published 13 May 2015 by Richard Chénier

Here is a list of all Standing Offers expiring in June 2015. To see more details about an offer, just [...]


Solutions Antenne has got you covered on

Starting on June 1st 2013, all invitations to RFPs from the federal government will no longer be published on MERX. From now on, they will appear on, as we mentioned in a recent article. The order process will change, as will the distribution of amendments (addendums). Solutions Antenne will adapt to these changes by expanding its services and will :

  • Order its client’s documents on the new website,
  • Ensure that the amendments to the aforementioned orders are made available to its clients,
  • Provide internet hyperlinks to allow its clients to consult the tender requests and all the associated documents,
  • Supply its clients with information and answers to their questions about RSS feeds.

For the unsubscribed:
To subscribe to Solutions Antenne’s services, consult our website.
Solutions Antenne offers a subscription option which includes 10 document orders and another with which orders are billed individually.

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